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Monday, November 15, 2010


It is exciting to see that email in your inbox. It looks completely legitimate to you- and the whole idea of making thousands of dollars without any investment or any effort is impossible to resist. You click on the link, scan through the information that is listed there, fill out the form and pay a "one time" membership fee or other money.

Several weeks later, you are not making any money at all and what's worse, you think that you have downloaded a serious virus in the process. You, my friend have more than likely fallen for one of many, making money online scams. Some simply scam you out of a little bit of money, but some might be much, much more serious.

Making money online scams can cost you more than a little bit of "seed" money, the initial amount you invest in the right to join a program for instance. If you have given your personal information to a scammer, you may set yourself up for identity theft.

And, as you suspected, some of these scam sites also cause viruses to be downloaded onto your home computer, costing you not only the computer but your personal files as well. Is making twenty bucks really worth losing the videos of your baby's first steps and the last photo you have of your mother?

There are legitimate money making opportunities that do require a fee, even asking you to pay a monthly fee so that you can search their job listings. For instance, there are sites that let you bid on creative jobs like photography and others.

The difference between paying for these legitimate sites and falling for the making money online scams is simple: the real sites do not make any promises of how much work you will get or how much money you could potentially make. The scam sites make claims that should seem outrageous but still draw in even completely reasonable people.

Making money online scams can also be recognized by the rotating or disappearing web sites that they use. Just after you pay your money or give your personal information, the site will disappear - along with your money and your potential opportunities as well.

The old adage "if it sounds too good to be true, it is" is definitely true in this situation which can leave you dealing with the virus and the lost money that you have spent in your effort to make money without thinking carefully and proceeding with caution.

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