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Friday, November 12, 2010


tips to make legitimate money online

Guys,  You Can now make Cool and Legitimate Money Online While Browsing Free from the Comfort of your Home. I am using this Medium to Reach-out to everyone who is a reader and follower of this Great blog (INFO ARENA) that you will be Finacially Free & Balanced after reading and implementing the content of this article.
You can Participate in any of the Business i am going to be listing below and i bet you that you will make cool money, I emphasize, Yes cool and Legitimate money online. What do i mean by this? This means Online Business that you can do without the EFCC or the POLICE on your track...

LET'S GET STARTED. These are the business below:

1. Participation in survey
2. Affilate links
3. Being paid to read mails
4. Bulk and customised sms etc.

Do you want to be financially independent? This blog is aimed to help everyone Out There, irrespective of age and sex to get something Profitable Out of the Internet... What i mean by Something Tangible or Profitable Runs is not "YahooYahoo" OR "419 Runs But Some Legitimate Online Business or Runs as i do call it. I will show you some Legitimate Online Business...

You can now Make money online no Matter your Age or Sex, You too can make it Online... Get Rich Quick, Make Money Online and Earning from Profitable Business Websites.
Here are the List of Online Business that are Highly Recommendable!

MAKE COOL MONEY FROM FACEBOOK:- Facebook is not all about updating your status, uploading photos, commenting on friends photos, sharing files etc, there are more to facebook that you need to know, you can actually be making cool money from facebook. Being poor and being rich is a choice, it all depends on the one you make. I would be giving more analysis on this subsequently on other posts I would be making.

AFFILATE LINKS:- Affiliate business has been around now for a couple of years back, big company or organisations offering great products and services make use of affiliate business to make money and get huge numbers of customers. Affiliate business is all about you signing up with a company and you are being given affiliate links, when anyone clicks and buys a product from that company through your links, you would be paid, and the money will be deposited into your account immediately, without any hindrance.
You can make your research online, check out the adsense program, get paid per click through other programs like bidvertiser and adverts.com.
You can check out and register with the following affiliate companies:

1) paydotcom.net
2) regnow.com
3) audible.com
4) salehoo.com
5) abebooks.com

The list is endless you can google search for more.

REFERRAL LINKS:- This is the link given to you by big companies/organisations in other for you to advertise their products. It is normally free to participate and you can earn money from it, it's one of the most common way to earn money on the internet today, it comes in different ways e.g some company will offer you gifts, so when you register, they will give you a refferal link, and when anyone registers through you, you will be given credits or paid in dollars for just registering through you.
Some examples of refferal companies you can engage in are:

1) www.paidmailnigeria.com
2) www.ezlaptop.com
3) www.cashmail.com
4) www.awsurvey.com
5) www.libertyreserve.com

The list are endless, check google for more.

BULK AND CUSTOMIZED SMS:- messaging can transform the way business moves, business owners communicate with customers, colleagues and suppliers through sms, students also easily communicates through sms, religious bodies can communicate more personally with its members and share spiritual thought daily through sms, infact people can't just do without sms because it is an important tool in communication.
So how can you make money through sending of sms? It's very simple, there are lots of bulk sms companies you can use, all you have to do is to act as a client to the sms company and through there to your customers, most of the sms company offer sms sending for #3.00 per sms, so you will call it for the school, church, mosque or your customers that needed the sms service as #5.00 per sms or any amount you wish, so when you pay the sms company their money, you will gain #2.00/sms or more based on the amount you are offering it to your customers. So when you send such sms to about 3000 people or more at a gain of #3.00/sms or even more, you will be amazed at your profits.
Some sms company you can use are as follows:

1) www.50kobo.com
3)www.bbnsms.com etc

The list are endless. With any of these Business, You can Make Nothing Less than $800 Monthly..... That Means with more effort, You can Earn More!!! Start Making Money Online now!

Watch out for more articles on how to make legitimate money online. 


  1. Handful information on bulk sms i would like to see more articles on your blogs thanks for sharing.

    1. Watch out for more articles of this magnitude

  2. Ii is one of the best advantage to the users they can Bulk sms with the help of mobile phone nice information thanks for sharing

    1. You are very much welcome, try and share the article with others so they can also benefit