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Friday, April 29, 2011


As at the time of writing this article, mtn is the only network in Nigeria with the most exorbitant call rates. Imagine paying 50kobo per seconds on calls, most people are now diverting to Etisalat, Airtel or Glo.

I am so sure that if Mtn still continues with their high call rates, they will probably loose most of their potential customers to other provides networks, most people will now be using their mtn sims as answering machine i.e for recieving calls.
The trick Mtn is playing to retain their subscribers despite their high call rates are meaningless services like- magic number, and other bundles like happy link bundles e.t.c
with what i have learnth: NIGERIA IS THE ONLY COUNTRY IN AFRICA SPENDING THE HIGHEST AMOUNT ON CALL RATES. Why should this be so? Our network providers are really controlling our pockets.
It is thereby with this I have intend to introduce to you the latest FREE MTN CALL TRICKS & DOUBLE RECHARGE TRICKS
Free call

Despite mtn security around their firewalls, loopholes are being discovered in their network which are being hacked for FREE BROWSING and now for FREE CALL!!!
As a matter of fact Mtn is the most vulnerable network to hacking in Nigeria.
Long were the days in which a loophole in mtn voice mail were being used for free call, it wasn't soo long before mtn discoved it and patched it up because it was ignorantly published everywhere which was easily seen by the mtn officials and thereby blocked.
In other to avoid it being easily seen and blocked by the network provider I have decided to compile it into an ebook in a zipped file.
If you are really tired of all these exorbitant call rates and you want to be making free calls or double reacharing your account i.e (how to load #100 and make it become #200) then you can contact me and make your request.
Make your request either via my number: 07068390433 or via Facebook: facebook.com/obas4real
[NOTE: you will be charge a token sum of money for my effort, and if u are afraid of being scammed of your money, then you better think twice because I am not a scammer, a fraudster or an internet duper]
Just think of how long you can make free calls or double recharge your account, thereby saving you lots of money and expenses on calls.
It is left for you to decide, the ball is now in your court, but as for me, I don wise up o, with FREE CALL!!!