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Sunday, May 29, 2011


It is very easy to signup for a Gmail Account on your mobile phone, no
need to use a computer, and you won't be faced with number verification.
many mobile users are facing this problem.
While registering for a gmail account, you will be asked to input your phone number to recieve a verification code by sms to complete the setup of your account, in most cases, after inputting the number, the verification code doesnt come to your phone, your dont need to worry atall.
Just follow the steps below to avoid or bypass any number verification:
* First install Operamini Browser in your mobile phone, any version will do, if you have already installed operamini, then proceed to the next step.
* Launch your Opera Browser and go to wap.google.com and then type “gmail signup” in the search box (without the quotes).
* Click the first result of the search result, then fill all field carefully and Signup.
You will not be asked to do any mobile number verification.
Now, your Gmail account is created Successfully in your mobile phone
without mobile
number verification.

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