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Sunday, September 27, 2020


Turn your phone to a robotic listener

An Android is a robot that looks like a person.
Our Android smartphones are supposed to be able to mimic the functionality of robots in certain ways.
How would you feel if you could just speak to your Android phone to do certain things by itself for you without you having to press your phone to do it ?
Won't it be fun if you could just chat with your Android phone similar to the way you chat with friends on social media to give commands or instructions to your smart phone ?
What if you can tell your phone to play music for you at a specific time and stop your music at a specified time or even for your phone to play songs for a duration of time and then stop.
for instance you could tell your phone :
play music by 2:30 pm
stop music in 30 minutes
remind me to shave my hair by 5 pm
wake me up in 2 hours
play video ........and many more

You can do so much more with your Android smartphone. You can convert your phone into a robotic artificial intelligence with the help of a virtual assistant.

Introducing Jarvis (Voice v.1.0)

Jarvis (Voice v.1.0) is finally here, much more like Siri or Google Assistant but more customized to serve you as a virtual assistant.
It acts as your voice app and also doubles as a virtual assistant.
It makes your Android phone to be able to listen to you when you speak to receive instructions or commands, it also allows you to give commands or instructions to your phone via text chat similar to the way you chat on social media. 

VOICE v.1.1  (new)

In addition to the previous version (VOICE v 1.0) functionality, this new version comes with lots of functions, modification, corrections, upgrades and new design. 
  • New user interface design

  • voice typing features
  • periodic time announcement
  • Voice assistant (a new alternative to Google voice dialog to receive your voice instructions) modified to listen for as long as you keep on talking unlike the google voice dialog that can only listen for maximum of 30 seconds, this makes it work best for voice typing. (The voice assistant is optional in the settings for those who do not wish to be using Google voice dialog to be receiving voice Command.  
NOTE: The voice assistant doesn't work on its own, you will have to install it with the Jarvis voice app for it to be functional. (endeavor to download and install both apps for the best performance, though the Jarvis voice app works perfect on its own)

Voice typing functionality allows your to speak while your phone listen for as long as you speak (with the new voice assistant app) and writes down all you have said.
All you have said would be written into your clipboard which you can then paste wherever you want, be it notepad or chats.

You can now type notes or messages with your voice using your Jarvis voice app via your voice dialog command.
e.g. "on voice typing" or "on VT" (to Activate the voice typing)
e.g. "off voice typing" or "off VT" (to Deactivate the voice typing) only from the chat box.

NOTE: 1. Voice typing can be activated with voice by saying " on voice typing" or from the chat box, but it can only be deactivated from the notification at notification panel or from the chat box by writing: off voice typing 

2. The voice typing is more effective and you can speak for longer period when you activate the Voice assistant as your voice command dialog. 

3. As long as the voice typing is activated, giving of commands or instructions via voice input would be suspended until the voice command is deactivated.

4. Commands input can be sent via the chat box until the voice typing is deactivated.

And many more functions.... 

Jarvis (Voice v.1.1.apk)   ( 7.3MB )

Voice assistant_1.1_1.apk    ( 684KB )

(App update is under review, please check back later for download link)

After installation, ensure all permissions are granted to the app. The voice app needs all the necessary permissions from your phone to be able to perform all its functions effectively.

Your voice app has the following as inbuilt automatic functions:
  • Whenever you are having a call, Jarvis alerts you with voice notification by saying: (Your name), you have a call from (the caller's name). Or You have a call from (the caller's number).

  • Jarvis informs you of all SMS alerts via voice.

  • Jarvis welcomes you whenever you boot up your phone

  • Jarvis notifies you with voice whenever your phone is plugged for charging or whenever it is disconnected.

  • Jarvis monitors your battery temperature and informs you if your phone or battery is overheating.

  • Jarvis alerts you whenever your phone's storage capacity is low.

  • Jarvis automatically switches off your Bluetooth, if your Bluetooth has been On for more than 3 minutes and it's not connected to any device or sending files to any device.

  • Jarvis would give you a memorable Birthday whenever it's your birthday.
    endeavor to have set your correct birth date during installation, though you can still make changes later on in the app from the chat box.

If you have activated your Google Assistant and fully set up your android phone for "OK google" voice detection, then you can also use it with your Jarvis voice app to make it completely hand free.
Just say "OK google" and when it's listening just say "open Voice".Then when Jarvis welcomes you, you can then give it whatever command you want it to do.

NOTE: This would make your Voice app totally hands free as long as your phone is unlocked (meaning that you won't have to be clicking on the voice app before your phone can start listening to you to receive commands.)
Alternatively you can set your voice app as shortcut on your home screen to make it easily clickable, or you can always use the shortcut from the dropdown notification panel to trigger Jarvis voice.

The voice app can perform varieties of mathematical calculations via the chat box.
Go to voice chat from the voice menu or the drop down notification short cut and type solve or calculate or find and then your questions.
e.g solve 200+562
e.g find sqrt(625)
e.g calculate log10(2000)

NOTE: The basic operations are as follows:
The operator signs are +, - ,*, /, %,^ etc.
  • + is plus (addition)
  • - is minus (subtraction)
  • * is times (multiplication)
  • e.g solve 356*48
  • / is division
  • e.g solve 35265/25
  • % is percentage.
  • e.g solve 20%500
  • ^ is power or index.
  • e.g solve 2^5
  • sqrt() is square root
  • e.g calculate sqrt(16)
  • cbrt() is cube root
  • e.g find cbrt(512)
  • E - the base of the natural logarithms.
  • EUL - Euler's Constant.
  • LN2 - log of 2 base e.
  • LN10 - log of 10 base e.
  • LOG2E - log of e base 2.
  • LOG10E - log of e base 10.
  • PHI - the golden ratio.
  • PI - the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
NOTE: constants must be typed in capital letters for it to work.

  • log - natural logarithm (base e).
  • log10 - base 10 logarithm.
  • e.g Solve log10(1000)
  • sin - trigonometric sine.
  • sinh - hyperbolic sine.
  • sqrt() - correctly rounded positive square root.
  • tan - trigonometric tangent. tanh - hyperbolic tangent.
  • todeg - converts an angle measured in radians to an approximately equivalent angle measured in degrees.
  • torad - converts an angle measured in degrees to an approximately equivalent angle measured in radians.
  1. Calculations are given to ten decimal places.
  2. Values of trigonometric sin, cos and tan are displayed in Radian.

Your Jarvis voice app can solve quadratic equations.
Go to your voice chat and type: solve equation
It uses the format A(X^2)+BX+C=0
Make sure to fill in the values of A ,B and C into each box with its signs, you should only write the numbers if they are positive but include the minus if they are negative.

NOTE: To end the equation solver, type: end into the middle box and click on the solve button.

Here are the commands for your Jarvis virtual assistant, commands can be voiced or typed via chats, though some commands are either specific to voice or chats, you can try them out yourself.

  • MENU
    • e.g. open voice chat
    • (to chat with Jarvis)
    • e.g. open voice trainer or open voice reader or open voice speaker.
    • (to learn how to pronounce words correctly and how to pronounce words to Jarvis)
    • e.g. open voice documentation or open voice document or instruction or info (the whole instructions on how to use the app and it's functions).
    • e.g. open voice settings
    • e.g. open app info or voice information (about the Jarvis app).

    NOTE: You can still access some of the menu buttons (settings, chat and commands) from your drop down notification by expanding the panel.

    • e.g. Set alarm for 9 a.m
    • e.g. Set alarm to 11:25 a.m
    • e.g. Wake me up in 2 hours
    • e.g. Set alarm to 10:30 p.m
    • e.g. Set alarm to 5 hours from now

    1. Make sure to include a.m or p.m in your time if you are being specific about the alarm time.
    2. You can add title to your alarm from chat
    3. e.g. Set alarm for 5:30 pm title BIBLE STUDY ALARM

  • You can also use your voice app to set reminder alarm either via voice command or from chat.
    • e.g. remind me to charge my phone by 5:30 p.m
    • e.g. remind me to study my books by 2 a.m

  • To check battery level by percentage
    • e.g. what is my Battery status

  • You can use any of the following commands:
    • e.g. What time is it? or What is the time?
    • e..g What is today's date?
    • e..g What day is it? or day of the week
    • e.g. what is the day's session?
    • e.g. speak time (from Chat)
    • e.g. show time or display time (only from Chat)

    • e.g. on flashlight or on light or on torch
    • e.g. off flashlight or off light or off torch
    • The flashlight commands above can also be used from Chat.

    • e.g. what is my Name
    • e.g. what is your name
    • e.g. Change my name to Mr John (only from Chat)

  • You can also engage your voice app in a conversation, each time a conversation is entered, it responds and waits for your response which would trigger another response from Jarvis and continues like that.
    • e.g. How are you?
    • e.g. hello Jarvis
    • e.g. How is your day going?
    • e.g. tell me about yourself
    • e.g. tell me about myself
    • e.g. who created you or who made you
    • From Chat: e.g. when were you designed or when were you created
    • e.g. hello (from chat)
    • e.g. good afternoon (from chat)
    • From Chat: e.g. how old am I or what's my age or my date of birth

  • You can change the birthdate you set while installing the app.
    To check the current birth date you have set, go to chat and type :
    • how old am I or what is my age
    • To change the date, use any of the following from chat:
    • e.g. change year to 1985 (to change the year alone)
    • e.g. change bday to 26/12/1995
    • e.g. set bday to 28/10/1980
    • e.g. change birthday to 13/5/1990

    NOTE: The format for the birthday is: day/month/year

    • e.g what is my android version

    • e.g what is my phone's model or my phone name or what is the name of my phone or name of phone

  • You can check your voice app serial code from the text Chat. This is needed for the full activation of your voice app after your trial usage period.
    • e.g. what is my app serial code (only from chat)
    • e.g. my voice app serial number (only from chat)

    1. You can only check the serial code via Chat, it's not functional from voice command.
    2. You will need your serial code to get the activation code for your voice app.

    • e.g. play music or (PM from chat)
    • e.g. next music or (NM from chat)
    • e.g. previous music or (prvm from chat)
    • e.g. stop music or (SM from chat)
    • e.g. pause music (only from chat)

    1. Your Jarvis Voice app only uses Google Play Music as it's music player, so ensure to have Google play music running on your phone to enjoy this functionality.
    2. The PM, NM, prvm and SM acronym for music control is only functional from chat, but the full command is functional from both voice and from chat.

  • You can ask your voice app to play or stop your music at a specific time or after a duration of time.
    • e.g. play music in 5 minutes (from voice command and chat)
    • e.g. play music by 2 pm (from voice and chat)
    • e.g. play music in 5 minutes (from voice and chat)
    • e.g. stop music in 2 hours (only from chat)
    • e.g. stop music by 3:25 pm (only from chat)

    1. Stopping of music by time or duration is only functional from chat.
    2. If you wish to cancel the command after setting it up to stop or start your music by your chosen time, then click the notification to deactivate it.
    3. Make sure to add am or pm to your time if you are starting or stopping your song with time.
    4. Music control with your voice app is only with Google Play Music player.

  • Your voice app can tell you the title of the currently playing song.
    • e.g. song title (only from chat)
    • e.g. music title (only from chat)

    1. It can only tell you the title of the song if you are playing the song via Google Play Music.
    2. The command to check song title is only functional from chat.

  • Your voice app can play your videos
    • e.g. play video (it will play any video randomly for you)
    • e.g. play video how to code (it will search and play video containing the title how to code)
    • e.g. play movie etc.

    1. It can only play videos from the Video folder on your phone memory, (not a subfolder & not from memory card).
    2. You have to move all your videos into the Video folder if you want to be able to play them automatically with your voice app.
    3. To play video by title, you just have to include any word that might be present in the title, it would search the Video folder and play the first video that contains the chosen word.
    4. e.g. play video memorize (it would search the Video folder for the first video that contains memorize as part of its title).
    5. Endeavour to set your default video player so that your voice app can play your videos automatically via your video player.

  • Your voice app can help you to stop your playing video after a set duration of time or at a specific chosen time.
    • e.g. stop video in 30 minutes (only from chat)
    • e.g. stop video in 1 hour (only from chat)
    • e.g. stop video by 2:30 pm (only from chat)
    • e.g. stop video by 8 am (only from chat)

    1. The command to stop video is only functional from Chat, not from voice.
    2. Make sure your video playing app doesn't have play in background so that your video won't be playing in background after closing the app.
    3. Make sure to add am or pm to your time if you are stopping your video with time.

  • This will tell you the total number of files in your Video folder.
    • e.g. how many videos do I have
    • e.g. how many files
    • e.g. number of files

    NOTE: This is only specific to files in the Video folder of your phone memory.

  • Jarvis can open any app on your phone.
    • e.g. open google
    • e.g. open facebook
    • e.g. open file manager
    • e.g. open settings (this would open your phone's settings).
    • e.g. open WhatsApp etc.
    This only applies from voice command not applicable from chats.

    1. To open apps with voice command, you just have to say open followed by the name of the app. e.g. open gallery.
    2. To open apps from Chat, you just have to write open app or launch app followed by the name of the app. e.g. open app WhatsApp.
    3. If you open apps via voice command if you have two or more of similar apps on your phone, Jarvis may open all of them, then you would now choose the one you want via recent apps.

  • You can use your voice app to confirm or determine how long your phone has been booted and running, either from voice command or from text chat.
    • e.g. how long has my phone been on
    • e.g. since when has my phone been on
    • e.g. phone duration of boot
    • e.g. phone boot duration etc.

  • You can use your Jarvis voice app to browse the internet with Google search engine or to check the encyclopedia via Wikipedia both with voice commands and text chats.
    • e.g. google latest African news this would browse out the latest African news.
    • e.g. search the richest man in the world
    • e.g. browse how to make money online
    • e.g. browse www.info-arena.com.ng (only from chat)
    • e.g. google the tallest building on earth

    1. To browse anything online with your voice app, always include: browse, search or google before whatever you want to search like the examples of browsing above.
    2. To browse URL addresses is only functional from chat.
    3. e.g. browse www.info-arena.com.ng
    4. Always include the www. before any website you want to browse or m. if it's a mobile site.
    5. Endeavour to set your default browser app on your phone for convenience.


    • e.g. on Bluetooth
    • e.g. off Bluetooth

    • e.g. switch off phone
    • e.g. off phone

  • MUTE
    • e.g. mute voice or mute Jarvis (only from chat)
    • e.g. unmute voice or unmute Jarvis (only from chat)

  • WI-FI
    • e.g. on Wi-Fi or on wifi
    • e.g. off wifi

  • you can use the text chats to toggle settings, activate and deactivate settings.
    • e.g. on call alert or off call alert
    • e.g. on boot messages or off boot messages
    • e.g. on auto Bluetooth or off auto Bluetooth
    • e.g. on birthday alert or off birthday alert

    NOTE: To toggle on or off the functions in settings is only possible from chat.

  • to close or to end chatting with Jarvis you can type the following:
    • e.g. end chat or close chat or quit chat

    NOTE: If Jarvis doesn't understand your instructions or commands, it would make it known to you either via voice or via Chats.

DOWNLOAD Jarvis (Voice v.1.1.apk)    ( 7.3MB ) 
(App update is under review, please check back later for download link)

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Minimum Android version: Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
Targeted Android version: Android 9 (Pie) 
(Voice works best on Android phones version 9 and above)

Try to play around the app with various commands on your own aside the above listed instructions to get the best from your voice app.

You can help us improve Jarvis (Voice v.1.1) prior to the release of the next version.

Send us your ideas of what functionality to be added or your criticism via mail, text messages or WhatsApp.

📧: achieve4mysuccess@gmail.com            
📱 +2347054522233

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