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Chances are, you or someone you know has had a smartphone stolen. Whether you left it on a coffee shop table and came back to find it missing or it was swiped from your pocket on your way home from work, phone theft is unfortunately happening to the best of us at an increasing rate. 

In 2013, 3.1 million American consumers were victims of smartphone theft, according to Consumer Reports, that’s nearly double the number reported in 2012.

According to Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder and chief technology officer of Lookout "The reality is that one in 10 U.S. smartphone owners are victims of phone theft, and 68 percent of those victims are unable to ever recover their device after the theft occurred. This is an issue that is bound to keep growing." He also said in a statement that "While there isn't one single solution that is going to alleviate phone theft, the problem can be stifled with industry collaboration, technology and widespread awareness for how to stay safe."

So at what length are you willing to protect your smart phone from theft or even recover it after its been stolen or lost ?

Introducing Anti Theft Mobile Tracker - Your sure way to your phone's security against theft.

This is an Android app which works as an Anti-Theft and also as a mobile tracker. 


Your Phone tracker app can be set to mimic any app on your phone, from the video guide above it has been set to mimic the camera app since the name it bears here is Google camera (The essence of this functionality is to hide its true nature and functions as a mobile tracking app).

If you wish to change the name and icon of your tracking app to match the app you wish to mimic, then contact me the developer to help you with the setup. 


Whenever an intruder or anyone aside you places your phone on flight mode or eject the SIM of the phone to insert a different SIM the phone will automatically activate theft mechanism if the access code wasn't entered into the phone. 

NOTE: as the owner of the phone you will be required to click on the toast notification that pops up to input your access code whenever you place your phone on flight mode or whenever you insert different SIMs into your phone. 

Your phone will also alert you by announcing when it is being switched off. 

This means no intruder can tamper with your phone without your knowledge


Whenever an intruder inserts different SIMs other than the one you have configured for your phone, then the phone will initiate theft mechanism and send tracking details and your current phone's information to the emergency number you have set up for the app. 

If there isn't voucher credit to send the message from the inserted SIM, then the app will borrow money with the SIM network to send the messages. (borrowing of money only works with Nigerian SIMs).

After getting details of your phone from the SMS received with your emergency number then you can continue to track your phone with the following commands: 

Your tracking SMS will be in this format:

Your tracking pin and tracking command.

e.g if your tracking pin is 1234 then your SMS can be in this format:

1234 Track 

When your phone receives the above SMS, it will reply the number you used to send the SMS with the following details of your phone: 

1. The Inserted SIM network

2. Your phone battery status

3. Time since your phone has been switched On (This is to monitor if your phone has ever been switched off since it was lost or stolen)

4. The Latitude & Longitude of the last fixed location of your phone.

5. The accuracy of the fixed location.

6. The time & date the fixed location was gotten.

7. Google map URL address of the fixed location (This is to track your phone via any web browser)

NOTE: You may choose to add other things and messages in your tracking SMS as a disguise so it doesn't look like a tracking message. But make sure your tracking phrase and tracking pin are included somewhere in the SMS.


You can also send the following command phrase with your tracking pin as SMS to your phone for actions.

 Ring: This will make your phone to continue to ring very loud anywhere it is. 

Lock: If your phone was unlocked at the time it got lost, this command will make your phone to lock automatically. (This can only work if your phone's security lock had earlier been set up before it was missing).

Display (The message you want your phone to display and speak): This command is used to display and speak out a custom message on your phone for the thief who has stolen your phone, the specific message should be placed in bracket after the command phrase.

There are other hidden functionalities of the app which would not be discussed here for security reasons, as you get to enjoy the app you will get to discover more features.

Endeavour to go through the user guide after your full installation of the app to better understand how the app works.

The app menu can be accessed by clicking the toast notification that pops up, then you will be required to input your access code for authorization.


Version: 1.1 (45) (New update ~ 22nd March 2022)
Package: com.amostech.mtracker

Size: 5.86 MB

Min: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Target: Android 11 (Red Velvet Cake, API 30)

Click the button below to access the download page.

(from MediaFire)

For more info and enquiries or if you have any idea of a functionality you wish the developer to add. contact me via: 

Email: achieve4mysuccess@gmail.com

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