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If you own a private school and at your school teachers or form masters are still manually compiling academic results using carbonized paper and pen, you may need to consider an automated software based system to handle this process more efficiently.

The software based system will handle the entry, computation and the preparation of the result sheets as well as the printing of your school's results.



This is an automated school result software that runs on an Android phone that can help you efficiently to take care of your school results for senior and junior secondary schools (SSS 1-3, JSS 1-3) for primary schools (Primary 1-6) for nursery schools and creche.

Unlike most other school result softwares which requires internet access to work online, this works completely offline to prepare all your school results saving you the cost of internet usage.

  • It is user friendly and flexible to operate.
  • Saves you the time and stress of preparing school results.
  • Captures the learners or your students cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain.
  • Gives you options to fill your students subjects scores in a TXT file which you can later upload to the app.... which makes preparation of results with the app so easy and fast.
  • It allows you to automate comments into the results thereby saving you the stress of typing comments for each of your students results.
  • Gives you options to display or hide passport and student's position in the results.
  • Prepares a summary sheet or a broadsheet alongside your class result sheets.
  • Most importantly the software works completely error free and gives you notifications of any required omitted details during the preparation of your results... thereby giving you no room to make mistakes.
  • Gives you and easy way to get your result sheets and broadsheets printed with your computer or printer.

What operating system platform would be more convenient for the form Master's of each class to prepare their students results than a mobile phone running Android Operating System.

Using a mobile phone to automate your results preparation is much easier compared to the stress of using a computer (desktop) which you have to provide with constant electric power supply etc. 

Most computer based school result softwares are designed based on the working of excel. 

We are providing you with a complete Android mobile phone automated school result management software to help you through your school results preparation with ease. 

NOTE: The information provided in the app screenshots below are just for demo purpose.
The software can be designed according to your specifications and requirements for your school.

Button for instructional guide to help you navigate through the app during the course of your result preparation.

General details of your class results

Optional TXT file to fill in your students subjects scores which you can later upload to the app. 

Student's details and psychomotor skills

Student's Affective disposition

Fixing of passport in results

Student's cognitive domain and uploading of subjects score files.

Preparing results and broadsheet

Complete result sheets with summary button

Guide and instructions to view results and for printing

If you liked and enjoyed the concept and functionality of our automated school result management software and wish to get one for you school. 

You are to contact us via call, SMS or WhatsApp: +2347068390433
(our software is very cheap and affordable)

You are to provide us with the following information if you are interested:

  • Your school logo.

  • If you prefer us to use the result sheet template in the demo app above for your school or if you prefer a different one for your school. 

  • The list of subjects offered by each class section of your school 
    (E.g The list of subjects offered by your senior secondary school science students, art and social science, list of subjects offered by your junior secondary school JSS 1-3 , your primary school, nursery and creche if available for your school) 

The information required above is to enable us to design and program the software specifically for your school. 

For more information and enquiry, contact :
WhatsApp: +2347068390433
Email: achieve4mysuccess@gmail.com